Stick 'em up!

 A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I have a controversial method of propping up my plates on glass shelves. I don't know if this is really controversial, but I'm sure someone out there is thinking they wouldn't take a chance with this method. I'm pretty certain, though, that this method isn't any more or less safe than propping plates up in a groove etched in glass or wood. 

 I searched the internet for ages and never found any great solutions. I know plate stands would work, but I just don't feel like spending money on them. So... 
 I came up with a cheaper solution.

 I put a dollop of hot glue in front of each plate. Of course, I let it harden before I put the plate in place. It's been 2 weeks and nothing has budged. I know this kind of glue pops off when frozen, but I don't plan on letting the house get that cold. 
So for now, that's how I'm keeping my plates propped up. 


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