Feeling Shady Again

There's a sale going on at Calico Corners, my favorite fabric store in Milwaukee. As it just so happened, I was on the west side with the girls. After admiring the big cats at the zoo, I thought why not just go take a peek since Brookfield is just down the road. 

I didn't have any luck with the remnants, but Anri spotted this gorgeous grey, coral and green ikat/floral fabric that was so perfect. I only needed a yard and a half and it was 20% off, so I forked out $36. One thing I'm learning, at least with fabrics, is not to settle on the best bargain at the store, because I always regret it. Better to just pay a little extra and get what you want, don't you think? 
 I'm about 2 hours away from putting this puppy on the bathroom window. Did you notice the walls aren't pink? I decided pink just wasn't right and painted for a third time this morning. I'll have to be eccentric somewhere else. The laundry room? Hall closet? Inside my pocketbook? 

Here's a quick peek of the bathroom with grey walls. We still have to put some finishing touches on the beadboard (cove and corner molding). It needs a second or third coat of white paint, too. But can you tell that the window trim is all in place? 
Here you can see where I flirted with pink. Or was that a full on affair? I went beyond just brushing on a square of sample paint and did up the whole room in "Musical Mist."  
Turns out I'm not so blue. This just seemed too heavy for our lil' bitty bathroom. 
Here's what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. Not terrible, but in need of some TLC. That big bush outside has also gone the way of this square tile. Which reminds me that I have a lot of work to do out front once things warm up. 

Join me tomorrow, won't you? I'm excited to see if my shade adds a little pizzaz to the bathroom. 


Anonymous said…
You are making me feel lazy. You have painted your bathroom 3x in the last couple of weeks! Mine really needs to be repainted and I haven't found the energy to do it even once. I was thinking maybe I would get around to it as part of spring cleaning. Were you priming in between coats? It would be so much easier to just slap a new color on.
Vanessa said…
Priming?! No way. I had to do two coats, though, but by the time I finished one coat it was time for another (never did 2 coats on the blue or pink). The part I hate most is prepping (sanding and taping) and cleaning up.

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