Friday Bathroom Shots

 So it's the end of the week and I promised some bathroom pictures. The truth is I'm still not 100% ready for the big reveal. There are a couple of minor things that still need fixing, like a little more cove molding on a couple of the shelves. 
 Then we need to either find that missing switchplate cover or go buy a new one. 
 The good news is that we're very close to stamping this project with a big DONE. 
I hope you don't mind examining some of the details, like the pretty tumbled marble tile (installed by a pro) and the beadboard, baseboard and shoe molding  Mr. T installed. Not to mention the window and door trim he had to repair after the handyman went a little too wild during demo. 
Oh yes, and we have a new high efficiency toilet! Man, that thing flushes fast. And a new wall register instead of a black hole in the wall. But speaking of holes in the wall ...

It turns out we had to take out the old cabinet because of some issues with the door and the shelf molding. So a new, really beautiful, medicine cabinet has arrived and will be in place this weekend, assuming the installation goes well. We have to carve out a little more in that wall to get the new one in place. 

The other problem is that the cat has completely chewed off all the cord on my new Roman shade. So annoying. So I have to restring that, too. 

That's all I have for you on this first Friday of Spring 2013. Spring Break is next week and I'm working up the nerve to take the girls on some kind of little day trip ... maybe Chicago. Unfortunately, Mr. T has to keep working, so I won't have a helping hand. I think I can manage though. 

Hopefully things are a little more spring-like where you are. We're still walking on top of snow and ice with full winter gear on here. 


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