Project Quilt: Getting Started

I'm stalling on the bathroom photos! They're coming this week, I promise. 

I can't say this is the first time I've started a new project before the previous one was 100% complete. I guess I like multitasking. 

I finally pulled out the quilt fabric I purchased a couple of months ago and got to cutting and sewing. I'm making two for the girls' bedroom. I'm finding this project really fun. One, because I love fabric so much and I got to go wild picking out a yard of all these pretty prints. Two, because I'm just having fun and not so worried about making them perfect. It's actually looking something like a quilt and I haven't shed a single tear! 

Here's what my "quilt map" looked like before I got started. It turned out the fabric store was short on that first floral square fabric, so I substituted it with a green polkadot pattern. 
Hopefully, I can find time to finish at least one of the two quilts and take some bathroom pictures. 


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