Random Things

I've been busy with things other than blogging lately. I just completed a web design class and got a 97%. Yeah! I have a few more classes before I put those skills into action, though.

And now that my class is complete, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about spring. My stepdad sent a bunch of gardening books and I've been flipping through them trying to remind myself that eventually it will be warm again.
More importantly, the kids will be able to get out the door without boots, coats, hats, mittens. This should make getting ready at least 15 minutes faster.
We have some new mantel decor... a handmade dinosaur courtesy of my daughter. 
And my mother-in-law sent us another carving, to celebrate the year of the snake. I love these wood carvings so much that I can't put previous year's sculptures away. So I have a nice row of animals out: a tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake. 
And if you must know how the bathroom is going... It's going. 

Mr. T has made tremendous progress on the beadboard, which is up. He also replaced the broken window trim and apron and door trim that the handyman trashed during the demo part. Today, my hard-working husband is putting on the finishing touches (shelf, baseboard, and other decorative trim). I'll paint the wood and then the toilet goes in. So here's a view of the bathroom from last night. 
I'm being called upstairs for assistance, so I've gotta run! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


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