Bathroom Complete!

I'm so excited about the bathroom being complete that I couldn't wait for a sunny day to take pictures. 
I think for now I'll let the pictures do the talking, or at least most of the talking. 

We built a little ledge at the top of the beadboard paneling instead of just having cap molding. 

We had originally planned to have a niche built into the wall, but it turns out that niches on an outside wall are a no-no because of the lack of insulation. The only inside wall was too crowded with pipes to make room for a niche, so I decided on two Carrara marble shelves instead. 
If you'd like to read more about how I made the shade, click here

And now for some before shots. The bathroom doesn't look all that bad in these pictures, but what you can't see are broken tiles and a cracked and leaking sink.
Now how about a during?

I'm so glad all that hard work is a thing of the past and now we can enjoy our new bathroom.
The really exciting part: we managed to stick to our modest budget!

Here's what we did ourselves:
Put up a sheet of vapor barrier on exterior walls
Put up two layers of drywall behind beadboard (we did two layers to make the beadboard flush with the wall above it)

Added support (plywood between studs) behind wall to anchor pedestal sink
Repaired window and door trim (damaged during demo)
Painted front and back of of breadboard to prevent expanding/contracting 
Installed beadboard, molding, and ledge 
Painted walls
Made Roman shade
Installed medicine cabinet

We went to the pros for the following:
Tiling (floor and shower walls)
Plumbing (new faucets, sink, toilet) 
Electrician (changing out that awful red heat light with a vent and updating old outlets) 
Demo (we hired a handyman to knock down very old tile walls)

Here's where we shopped:
Hex marble floor tile: Tile Shop (bought it way back in December with cyber Monday deal)
White wall tile, pine beadboard and molding: Lowe's
Sink, faucets, and showerhead: Kohler
Shade fabric: Calico Corners (purchased during a sale)
Shower curtain and bath mat from Home Goods
Watersense rated Toilet: Home Depot (under $100)
Medicine cabinet: Restoration Hardware
Vase: Michael's (used their 40% off coupon)
Grey paint: Olympic "Faint Flicker"


Unknown said…
Where di you get this fabric from? it's beautiful!
Vanessa said…
Thank you Jenny. I got it at Calico Corners in Milwaukee. I'm sorry have no idea what the name of the fabric is.
Unknown said…
how is the care for your marble floor? Is it real marble or porcelain? I want to get this but I'm afraid of the up keep.
Vanessa said…
Hi Katey. I haven't had any problems. The only tricky part is scrubbing the grout without using a product that would damage the marble. I usually just scrub it with hot water. It takes a little more elbow grease, but it works.

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