My Painted Headboard

 April showers bring cheap DIY projects. This is my latest project, a painted headboard in the master bedroom. I've been thinking about headboards for the longest time, but haven't made a move until now.

I tried to come up with something where I wouldn't have to leave the house (it's been pouring for four days straight) or spend any money. You say impossible? I say, "where's the paint?"
Like a lot of DIY projects, this one didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. It should have been super easy, just get out the level and use a pencil to make a rectangle just wider than the width of our bed. Tape it off with painter's tape and paint inside the rectangle. 

The problem is, I went too tall and it looked a little strange.  
Even worse, it reminded me of that huge headboard in Paranormal Activity. Good movie, but that massive headboard was a little distracting.  
So out came the beige wall paint and a clean roller. I covered about 8" of the top of the "headboard." There was also a pillow switcheroo and I moved that mirror over from another wall. 

I like my modest faux headboard much better, although I will tell you that I'm already imagining making it a little more rounded and intricate. There's more to do in this room though, so for now I think I'll keep it the way it is. 


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