Painting in Progress

Sometimes when I start painting I can't stop!

I've been thinking about taking my neutral striped mudroom to a new level for a while now and today seemed like a good day. I tried a couple of stripes in green and left them there for way too long. I knew right away that it wasn't sophisticated enough. Cute for a kids' room, though. Here's a really bad picture of the green "test" stripes. 
I had a quart of this navy paint for the bathroom. I tried to get a sample of it, but the guy at Walmart said they didn't do samples. Feeling confident, I went for the quart. But then I got it on the walls in the upstairs bathroom and it was just too dark in such a small room. 

But I think it's looking great down here on the first floor. 

I'll put up more pictures once I'm finished getting all 3 coats of navy on. 


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