Spring So Far

It's Saturday afternoon. Will I paint the kitchen wall and window trim or sit, relax and remind myself of all my DIY accomplishments so far this month? 

Maybe you can guess the answer. 

I don't know if buying plants at the nursery was an accomplishment, but it was an event: the first nursery trip of the season. It was still too cold for outside annuals, so I bought a venus flytrap and a kalanchoe for inside. The flytrap was an Easter present for the girls. They got enough candy from their grandpa, so I got them the plant and a little toy. 

Since then I went back to the nursery and got some purple pansies for the pots near the front door. They're hanging in there, although they're a little droopy from all the rain and snow. Can you believe it snowed this morning?
Finally got around to sewing some cloth napkins with a leftover half yard of fabric. I just read "French Kids Eat Everything" and one of the things I've vowed to do to make dinner more special is set the table nice and pretty. The new napkins help do the trick. 

I don't know if it was the elegant table setting or my fabulous cooking (haha), but my pickiest eater ate parsnips last night! I used this recipe and we all ate them up quickly. 
You probably already know that I painted a headboard above our bed. Just thought I'd mention that one more time. 


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