Vegetable Garden

Spring has arrived in Milwaukee and all I want to do is spend time outside. I planted a bunch of seeds in my small vegetable garden. In order to remember what I planted, I decided to map it out on a sheet of paper. And because pieces of paper tend to get lost around here, I decided to make it digital. I never lose a blog post!

The back of my garden gets a little less light than the front, so I put part sun/shade veggies back there (kohlrabi, broccoli and mesclun). The catnip and chives made a strong comeback this year and the oregano is hanging in there. In other spots of my yard I have some mint (potted because it spreads like weeds), lavender, parsley and catmint mixed in with perennials. 

We'll see what comes up. I'd be thrilled if we're dining on garden fresh veggies in a couple of months.


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