Home Improvements in Progress

 Tiling is underway and I barely have time to check my email, much less write a post. But I have a little break to reflect on our progress, so here goes.

First Mr. T nailed down the old linoleum floor which was in bad shape and coming loose in some spots. 
 Then we came up with a plan for tiling around the floor register so it won't look weird. The wood was cut to fill a hole and make things level. The register sits right on the place where the reducer is supposed to go, so we had to do some serious thinking about this. It's too complicated for me to explain in five minutes, so I'll just show you pictures when we're done. 
 After the appliances were moved to the dining room we made the gaps in the floor beneath the dishwasher level with plywood. 
 Next came some underlayment (we spent about $300 for a 250 square foot space). This is recommended when you tile over linoleum. If you don't use it, it's possible that the old flooring will become loose and cause the grout to crack.

We cut it with a utility knife and used a latex adhesive mixed with thin set to stick it to the old flooring. Then I went over it with a float.

Oh yeah, and I scrubbed the floor 3 times before this step to make sure it was super clean. 

 Mr. T gutted the powder room before we started and then used a self-leveling liquid underlayment to prep it for the tile. The old sink was lucky, though. I love it and want to hold on to it as long as it's in decent shape.

 That's him cutting tile out there. 
 Mr. T is doing the cutting and I'm doing the laying of the tile (the girls are at their friend's house for a few hours). Here's where we are as of 1:30 this Monday afternoon. I'm already exhausted, but impressed with ourselves....
Ginger is not impressed. 


Anonymous said…
I'm really impressed with your renovation skills. We know who to recruit to improve our new town home!
Vanessa said…
Thanks Mike. We're getting close to the end of this project and I won't be sorry to say sayonara to buckets of mortar and knee pads.

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