Milwaukee, Land of Festivals

 It's summertime in Milwaukee and there are a whole lot of festivals going on. The girls and I went to the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival last weekend while Mr. T finished up a few projects back at the house. 
 There was a decorate-a-cookie stand. Isla took that plastic knife she's holding, loaded it up with frosting and stuck it all in her mouth instead of spreading it onto the cookie. See that look on her face? That's an I-just-ate-something-really-yummy look. 
 It was super crowed and not the easiest place to maneuver a stroller. We bought some strawberries and went for a hayride before heading back. 
Look how stylish that Anri is! She could pass for a Summerfest VIP (Milwaukee's big summer music festival). That's really a Kids Club tag around her neck, not a backstage pass. Kids Club run by the JCC puts on free events for kids throughout the summer. A couple of weeks ago they had jumpy tents set up at the outdoor mall. Huge hit. 

That hat she's wearing came from Dollar Tree by the way. 
 The next day we headed to the Lakefront Art Festival outside the Milwaukee Art Museum. Boy was it HOT! 
Here's a snapshot of Milwaukee on a scorching 90 degree day. 

Other festivals of interest (just to name a few): Irish Fest (August 15-18), Festa Italiana (July 18-21), German Fest (July 25-28), African World Festival  (August 3-4), Mexicana Fiesta (August 23-25), Indian Summer Festival (September 6-8). Unfortunately, we already missed Polish Fest in June. 


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