Appointment at the Backyard Salon

I'm very DIY when it comes to haircuts for myself and my kids. And my husband, too. My kids have never been to a hair salon. Hopefully, that's not shockingly noticeable.

About six months ago, I went for a professional cut for myself for the first time in 4 years. That's actually not something I'm proud off. I just get busy and forget to make the time for the salon. 

But the kids are another story. I like practicing my haircutting skills on them and they don't seem to mind. In fact, Anri has been begging me to cut her hair for a couple of weeks now. 
My technique is this: I just grab a pair of scissors and chop chop. 
 Anri showed me exactly how short she wanted her hair. 
I love that she likes it short and sassy. Makes it much easier to maintain. 

I think she likes it!


Unknown said…
She looks marvelous. Impressive how even her bangs are. Very professional job.
Unknown said…
Hair care is most important as well as its look.

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