Duck on the Door

 There's a ton of stuff on my to-do list today (like putting a final coat of paint that door you see here), but sometimes you have to start with something simple. Like hanging a brass duck hook on a door. 

I bought this guy at a thrift store a while back, but could never decide where to put him. Then there was the adorable apron (a Christmas gift from my mom). I figure even if I forget to put it on, I can still admire it hanging there. 
 I like the duck/apron combo. It's a nice friendly pop of color in our otherwise grey, white and steel kitchen (I have plans to add more color by the way). 
And while I'm in this area with the camera, I thought I'd show off the transition between our wood floors and new tiled kitchen floor. The reducer was necessary because we tiled over the old layer of linoleum which raised the floor a bit. 

The reducer wasn't quite tall enough to make the transition, so we layered a couple of thin strips of wood underneath it to close the gap between the strip of reducer and the oak floors. Then everything was stained to match the floors. 
The floor vent started out being a huge issue. Moving the vent would have cost several hundred dollars, which wasn't an option.

At first, we couldn't figure out how to fit in a floor register with the reducer so close. One person suggested bringing the tile floor out past the threshold, but I thought that would have looked awkward. Eventually we figured out that there was just enough space to butt up the edges off the reducer and the floor register without having to extend the tile floor past the casing of the new wall opening. In other words, we made it work and I love the way it looks. 

If you're wondering about those cute chubby legs... While I was taking this picture, Isla came down from her room to tell me that she's got "cryings on my face" and pointed to her wet cheeks. She and her sis had an argument over some toys, but everyone's happy now! It's Friday. Yeah! 


Unknown said…
The kitchen looks beautiful! I'm glad no one's gots crying on their face any more.
Vanessa said…
Thanks Charlotte.

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