Pots To Remember

 The potted plants at the front door did so well this year that I may just stick with the same combo next year.

I got the blue pots at Home Goods. They even have little pineapples on them to match our pineapple door knocker. 

I started out with a bunch of purple pansies in early spring when it was too cold to plant anything else. Then, as it got warmer, I started replaces them with what you see here. This is a pretty shady area because of the huge tree in the neighbor's yard, so I went with a mix of shade annuals like nicotiana, polka dot plant (I think that's what the pink and white foliage is) and white salvia.

I wish I could remember what that trailing white flower is. I love how it spilled out the sides like that. I don't usually pay as much attention to annuals as perennials. I just have fun picking out what looks good and try to arrange the plants according to height. 
Then if you go around to the back you can see a lone pansy sticking out and some pretty pink double petal impatiens. Those were the last flowers I stuck in there and they should grow a little taller before chilly air comes and wipes out the annuals.


Stacy said…
Great plantings - I like your blue pots.

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