Spooky Lite

 A personal record set for earliest Halloween decorations yet! On Sunday I gathered some goods from the dollar store (artificial black flowers, a twig wreath form and a few black crows). Then I went to a local gardening center and bought a small bale of hay, pumpkins and some colorful mums to set a nice fall scene outside my front door. 

To make the wreath I used 4 silk flower bundles ($1 each) and a twig wreath form ($1 at Dollar Tree). I cut each stem off using wire clippers and stuck them around the twig wreath. When Halloween is over, I'll store the black flowers for next year and try something more Thanksgivingy. 
 The summer annuals were looking kind of sad, so I removed them (except for the white flowers in the front which still look great) and replaced them with these lovely mums. 
 Black crows from the dollar store spook up my pumpkins propped on top of a small bale of hay (much cheaper at the garden center than at the craft store, by the way). 
 Yes, Anri and Isla are ridiculously excited about Halloween. 
Next up, adding some "elegant creepy" stuff on the inside. 


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