Feather Ornaments

 Have you noticed that feathers are everywhere these days? On note cards, art prints, and bags. It's not surprising that while I was out doing some holiday shopping, I saw glass ornaments filled with them. 
I was tempted to buy one, but then I remembered, wait, I have clear glass ornaments and a bag of chicken feathers (long story) at home! 
 This is a pretty simple little project, but I thought I'd show pictures. As I was putting the feathers in, I realized that there is actually a right and wrong way to do this. 
 So first, you gently pull off the metal cap from your glass ornament. 

Then, place the feather in with the tip going in first and the calamus (or quill) last. That way, when you go to pull it out, next year when feathers are sooooo 2013, it's much easier and you're less likely to break the ornament and cut the dickens out of your fingers.

Now put the cap back on and that's it. I'm thinking a bunch of these inside a glass bowl or wire basket would be really pretty. For now, my feather ornaments are on the tree.
What will we be stuffing our ornaments next year, I wonder? 


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