Krafty Wrapping

Would you like a peek at how my Christmas wrapping is going? 

Oh boy, I'm so deep in holiday, um, funness. I finally got to putting up the tree today. It fell over twice while I was trying to put it together. Stood in line at the post office with packages. Argued with the girls over how many candy canes they could eat. Got dizzy assembling our Christmas cards (more on that later this week). I don't know why, but this year I feel like I'm a few steps behind schedule on everything and it's stressing me out. 
But anyway, back to gift wrapping. I went with kraft paper wrap again this year. I got my rolls at the dollar store and embellished with all sorts of stuff I have in my craft drawers: ink pads, glitter card stock, ric rac, twine, hand-carved stamps, etc. Someone once told me et cetera is what you say when you have no idea what you're talking about. That feels pretty accurate right now. I'm sure I'm leaving out a few things, but luckily I took pictures to remember! 
I found this stamp in some rarely-opened drawers I keep in the basement. I vaguely remember carving this pigeon about 3 years ago in Tokyo. I wish I could find the same carving material here in the U.S. This stuff is a little bit firmer that the Speedy Carve, but just as easy to cut. 

I thought he'd be cute stamped on some gift wrap. Pigeons aren't an appropriate holiday theme, you say? Just use red ink and just about anything is holiday-esque. 
I tested him out on some scrap paper to make sure he looked OK. 
 With some red and white twine and a glittery tag, I think we'll call this a wrap. heehee.
I stamped on some grosgrain ribbon and that turned out to be pretty cute, too. 
 Doilies. What can I say. I love them. Especially when they're gold. 

This is my favorite, a simple kraft package with gingham ribbon. I love gingham so much, I was thinking about doing the Roman shades in the kitchen with gingham fabric. 

Well, it turns out that by getting creative with my gift wrapping, I was able to have some fun with the whole process. The girls had fun, too, wrapping pennies they found somewhere and making their own holiday cards. 

And I just remembered to mention that I used my pencil eraser and red ink pad to make polka dots on one present, but you probably already figured that out. 

I hope your holiday season is going smoothly and that you have some fun getting creative with wrapping, crafting, decorating, cooking, mixing drinks... whatever you're into!


Unknown said…
Those are the most beautiful packages! No one will want to unwrap them. The gift tags are a nice touch.
Anonymous said…
Your creativity never ceases to please me! Wonderful ways to personalize Christmas gifts in a fun, inexpensive way. Hope you get caught up on every thing.

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