Playing With Paper

 There's a fun new toy in my house, a die cutting machine I got as an early Christmas present. Every year, Mr. T and I pick out our own presents instead of surprising each other with stuff. He got a new guitar, I got a Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine. I'd been wanting a die cutting machine for a while now, mainly to make my own stencils and shapes for my artwork. Now that I have it, I'm finding all sorts of fun things to do with it. 
 After playing around with the design software, I made a little paper house! The software is pretty easy to use if you're used to illustrator or inkscape. For a 3D design like this, some basic geometry helped, too.

You can also import your own (or purchased) SVG files, or just buy the shapes they offer in their online store. 

Designing the house was so much fun. I'd like to try and do a model of our own house next, although the door on this house may look familiar...
Yes, I modeled the paper house door after our very own.
The roof pops off like a box lid, so I can stick an LED tea light candle in there. Very holiday indeed.

These would also be cute as party favor bags filled with candy. And we do have a birthday girl next month, although she's requested a My Little Pony themed party. Maybe I could just stick a pony silhouette on there. 
Although I'm pleased with the cutting machine, it wasn't all fun and games at first. On day one, I waited for 25 minutes for the machine to cut JOY! forty times out of glitter card stock, only to find out that I didn't use the right blade setting and it just barely scratched the surface. All the joys were for our Christmas cards, by the way and I got the setting right on the second try. 

I've also had problems with the paper sliding around on the mat while the machine is cutting. I ended up taping down the paper on the sides and that seems to be working, although that's an extra step. 
 I'll be busy designing and cutting shapes for quite a while. The girls have given me all sorts of request from a house shaped into the word "joy" to more butterflies. 
The butterflies are a breeze, but the House of Joy may be a little tricky. I'll sure give it a try, though! I'm envisioning some late nights and multiple pots of coffee in my future. 


Unknown said…
I can't believe you already opened your Christmas present.

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