Scrap That

Isla's already three, but I'm finally getting around to scrapbooking some photos I had printed several months ago. There are plenty of Anri, too. 
 I've always loved keeping scrapbooks, although I haven't been so good about keeping up with all the loads of pictures I take. 

Last year I had a family photo album printed and I'll probably do that again. The process of exporting, uploading, editing and arranging the book was tedious, though, and I'm finding the old-fashioned way of glueing and cutting is so much more creative and enjoyable. 
Mistakes aren't as easy to fix as they are with software programs, but remember what your art teacher always told you when you were making art: there are no mistakes! I remember one teacher even banned erasers from class. Of course, if you really don't like something you can pop some embellishments over it.

And embellishments are what scrapbooking is all about. I usually dress with minimal accessories and my home isn't too fussy either. Maybe that's why I scrapbooking. It's a place where I can throw doilies and hearts around with abandon.

I do arrange things on the page before gluing them down, but I don't like too much planning. It takes the fun out of being creative sometimes. Or maybe I'm just impatient. 
For this page I had fun making polka dots with my pencil eraser and a gold ink pad, cutting up doilies, and using a craft punch in, you guessed it, a heart shape. 


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