A Little Mixed Media Fun

 Happy New Year! I hope yours got off to a good start. This is our third winter in Wisconsin and by far the coldest and snowiest. We walked to school as usual today, but Isla road in her sled. There were kids on sleds everywhere you looked this morning. Definitely a different scene from my school days down south. 

So while we have been getting outdoors quite a bit, staying inside doing crafty things is very appealing. Especially when it's below zero outside! On New Year's Eve I decided to finally fill those 4 small frames I've had hanging on the side of the refrigerator cabinet. 
 Sorry, I just realized these pictures are a little out-of-focus, but hopefully you get the idea. 

I used my cutting machine to cut out 4 cute kitchen themed shapes (they're actually several shapes that make up one design). The designs were from the Silhouette online store and were designed my Amanda McGee. I was planning on doing my own designs, but there are so many shapes to choose from in the shop and I had credit from a gift card so I made things easy for myself. 
Instead of just sticking them onto plain paper, I glued them onto some patterned paper and used stamps, inks and shading markers to make them a little more like art. 

 That's how some of the shapes came out of the cutting machine. These were some of the simple shapes, others were very tiny and detailed. 
 And these are the supplies I used: Tombow brush pens, ink pads and stamps (plus patterned paper and card stock for the cutouts). Oh yes, and glue. I didn't use anything fancy like decoupage or gel medium, just basic craft glue. 
 I started out making these designs as filler until I finally get around to designing some linocuts that fit the small frames (or buy some art), but they're pretty cute. I may just leave them up longer than planned. 


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