Handmade Booklet Step-by-Step

 I love making books. It's been a while since a made a big thick journal, which takes a bit of time. These booklets, however, are so fun and easy to make that I decided to put together some for my daughter's birthday party goodie bags.

You only need a few things to make these:
1. One sheet of computer paper per book
2. Bone folder
3. Scissors
4. Double sided patterned paper at least 8.5"x5.5"
5. Heavy duty string or dental floss (not the flavored kind)
6. Needle
7. Awl
8. Cutting mat

If my bone folder looks a little beat-up that's because I've had it since I took a book arts class at Cooper Union 10 years ago! Bone folders sharpen with use, so be sure to hang on to yours. 
Start by taking the computer paper and fold in half across the width. Flatten crease with bone folder and cut with the same tool. 
 Fold paper in half across the width again, flatten crease and cut with bone folder.
 Fold paper in half across the width for a third time and run bone folder over crease, but don't cut the paper. 
Now make the cover by wrapping the patterned paper over the booklet. Use bone folder to make a nice crease. 
 Trim the patterned paper to the size of the booklet. If you like the rough paper edges that the bone folder creates, then take care not to trim the computer paper. 
Use the awl to poke two holes in the crease about 3/4" from the top and bottom of booklet. 
 Now thread your needle and push it through a hole from inside the book, 
out the back and through to the inside. 
Tie a square knot and cut off excess string. 
 The last step is to place the book under a heavy object, like a stack of hardcover books. After a couple of hours, your booklet should lay nice and flat! 


Unknown said…
Awesome craft! And you make it look so easy.
Vanessa said…
It really is easy!
POW said…
Wish I had been at the party to get your gift! Hope the kiddies appreciated them!

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