Valentine Heart Wreath

The kids are having some friends over on Valentine's Day, so I made a little decoration for the party. 

This wreath was made by wrapping 2" wide strips of fabric around a 12" wreath form. I used hot glue every few wraps to keep the fabric in place.

Then I cut a heart template out of paper and used it to trace two shapes out of felt of the dark pink felt. Then I cut out the template a little smaller and used that for a light pink felt heart. After cutting the template again to make the heart even smaller, I cut out the rest of the felt hearts in red and light pink. Make sure you cut out two pieces of felt for each heart for the front and back.

Using an awl, I poked two holes in the top felt heart where the arrow goes in and comes out. Then I stuck a bamboo skewer in places before sewing (with straight stitch) around the edges of the felt hearts with embroidery floss (4 strands) and needle. I left a couple of inches open at the bottom and stuffed with a little batting I shredded with my hands.

Then I glued on the felt arrow and feathers sandwiching the pieces over the skewer and setting in place with hot glue.

Play around with the placing of the hearts on the wreath before hot gluing to the wreath.

Supply and Tools List:

12" wreath form
about 1 yard of fabric cut into 2" strips
1 piece each of 9"x12" dark pink and red felt
2 pieces of 9"x12" light pink felt
embroidery floss in light pink and needle (a canvas repair needle worked very well)
bamboo skewer
scrap paper for making heart template
ribbon for hanging wreath
hot glue gun


Vanessa said…
Love is all you need. Thanks : )

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