Quilting Time

It's time to start that quilt I've been thinking about for the past several months. This one is for my bedroom which needs a little injection of color if you ask me. I'm picturing a quilt with a lot of negative white space and a few splashes of the colors you see in that bird print: yellow, blue, green and coral.

I have at least one more trip to the fabric store ahead, but I've decided to go ahead and start cutting hexagon pieces a few at a time. 

This is going to be a large quilt made up of a lot of hexagons. Definitely wouldn't want to tackle this project with out a rotary cutter and hexagon ruler. The see-through ruler is especially useful for doing fussy cuts. 
I'm still working out the pattern and I'll probably change my mind a few more times before I start sewing, but I'm so excited to see how this cheerful patchwork of colors will brighten up the bedroom.  


Unknown said…
So did you start that quilt yet? Ha! ha!
Vanessa said…
It'll be a while before I finish this one. I meant to do that before things got busy, but didn't happen. Oh well!

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