Farm Birthday Party

 This year, our birthday girl chose to have a farm party. Godsell Farm in Muskeo, WI turned out to be the perfect spot. 
 The kids had a blast feeding and petting the animals. 

 Emma, the llama, was the only one not up for a snack that day. 

 I've been reading Charlotte's Web to the girls, so "Wilbur" was a big hit. 
 It's not a party without a popcorn wagon!

Now for my favorite part, churning butter. This is something I last did in kindergarden.
 See how excited I am?
At the end of the party, we got to eat the butter on crackers. It's SO good. If I had a butter churner, a cow and 30 spare minutes, I would do this everyday. 
No homemade cake this time. I was running behind that morning, so I ran out to the grocery store and spent $10 on this better-than-I-thought-it-would-taste green cake. 
What a fun day at the farm!


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