(Sort of) Dried Flower Wreath

 This isn't exactly a dried flower wreath because I   didn't dry the flowers the way you're supposed to, which is to let them hang in a dark, ventilated area for weeks. I just don't have the patience for that. So instead I took some flowers that had been sitting in a water-filled vase for a week and stuck them in this grapevine wreath...
with a little help from my daughters.
Yarrow and veronica seem to hold up well in vases, so I thought maybe they would hold up without water in the wreath. I threw in some sprigs of rosemary for good measure. 

We just played around with sticking them this way and that until things looked good. Then I hung it on the back door with some twine. That way only we know if this experiment works out or not.

3 days later...

Not bad. And it's looking about the same a week later. Good to know. I can get a little extra oomph out of my garden flowers instead of tossing them out of the vase. 


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