Upcycled Gift Tags

Hmmm. What to do with this old gift bag? How about making some cute gift tags? 
 This bag had a really cute floral motif, so I cut out all the flowers that weren't on folds. 
 Then I whipped out my Memory Keeper's Crop-A-Dile eyelet setter. I bought this tool last year at Michael's (with the 40% off coupon) because I wanted to make block printed gift tags for my Etsy shop and I wasn't having any luck with those anvil kits.

If the anvil kit is a Hyundai, a Crop-A-Dile is a Jaguar. Not that I have that much experience driving a Jag and I can't really complain about the Hyundai, but you get the idea. 
 To set an eyelet, you first need to punch a hole at a six that coordinates with your eyelet. Then, after switching the cube to the right size, you push the eyelet through the paper and place it in the setting tool. Then you just press down and viola! 
String some twine through the eyelets and you've got a nice set of tags!


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