DIY Zipper Pouches

 By the time you read this post, these babies will be gone 500 miles. At least I hope the US Postal Service has gotten them that far. If they haven't, it's not exactly their fault. I was a little late getting packages out this year. Seriously, how is it already the eve of Christmas Eve?

Now let's talk about these perky little pouches.

What's so fun about this project is picking out the pattern and colors combinations. I love a little contrast so I went with a navy/turquoise combination for the outside. Then there's a surprise pop of coral on the inside. I love that.

You should be able to use a fat quarter for the outer panels and another for the lining. If that feels like too much of a squeeze, you can take an inch off the length and go with 9-x10-in. pieces for the outer panels and lining.

So as you've probably noticed, these pouches have zippers.  Don't panic. The technique for sewing in the zipper is quite simple. But we'll get there in a minute.

Let's get started with what you'll need to make these.

Supply List (for 1 pouch)
9-in. zipper
2 pieces 9-x-11-in. decorative fabric for outer panels
2 pieces 9-x-11-in. fabric for lining
2 pieces 9-x-11-in. fusible fleece
zipper foot
standard sewing supplies

All seams are 1/4-in. 
Fuse the fleece to the outer panel fabric using an iron. The bumpy side should be face down on the wrong side of the fabric. Place a damp cloth over the fleece and hold iron in place for about 10 seconds or until the cloth is dry. Pick up the iron and move to another spot and repeat. Do not move the iron around while it is on the fabric. 

The picture below shows the fleece side of a fused outer panel. 
Now it's time to attach the zipper. 

Place an outer panel right side up and then put the zipper face down on top of it. Line up the outer edge of the zipper tape with a short raw edge of the panel. Make sure that the zipper tape is centered. The tape will be slightly longer than the fabric. 

Now place a lining piece on top of the outer panel and zipper, right sides of fabric facing. Line up a short raw edge with the edge of the zipper tape. See below. 

Use zipper foot to sew through all 3 layers.

Repeat on the other side of zipper tape with remaining panel and lining. 

Open the zipper.

Now lay one outer panel over the other and do the same with the lining. Right sides of pieces are facing. Lay it out so that the outer panels are on one side of the zipper and the lining is on the other side. 

Sew along the edges of the outer panels. 

Now sew along the edges of the lining leaving 4 inches open.
Turn the pouch right side out through the 4-inch opening and hand stitch the lining closed. 

Once the lining is tucked in, press.

Now wasn't that easy?

Look how cute these are with the bright coral lining. And what's great is that the fleece makes these pouches feel substantial. I want to make more!
See you next time with another DIY creation! 


Bebe said…
Oh, which of these fun things am I going to try first?!? Love all of your ideas! The tote, the painted ornaments and the mercury glass are calling my name. What fun!
Vanessa said…
Thanks, Toby! I'm glad you're liking it all!

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