Party Hats, Pom Poms and Garland

We're getting ready for some fun at our house tonight.

Party animal hats. Check. 

Festive decorations. Check. 

Movie picked out. Check. 

Popcorn. Check. Sparkling grape juice. Check. 

A little bubbly. A little saké. Check and check. 

Countdown clock. Um, no thank you. We'll likely be sleeping by the time the ball drops. 
 But that doesn't mean we can't have a darn good time partying in our pajamas until nine. 

And just in case you need a pom pom for your party hat. Here's today's easy craft lesson (plus two bonus projects!). 

Take a fork and some yarn. 

Cut a piece of the yarn to about 5 inches and place it in the middle slot of the fork. 
 Now wrap some more yarn around the outside of the fork. 
 Take that first piece of yarn and wrap it very tightly around the bundle you just wrapped. 
 Take the bundle off the fork. 
 Cut through the loops on either side of the center tie. 
 Trim and that's it. 
To make the upcycled paper garland banner, gather up some magazines that you've been meaning to get rid of and use a craft punch to cut out shapes in colors that suit you. I used a 2-inch circle punch. 

Machine stitch the pieces together feeding one shape at a time through the presser foot. Leave a tail of thread at either end for hanging. 

To make an easy mini party hat use the template below and cut the shape out of desired paper. Leftover wrapping paper, anyone? Tap the sides together and hot glue ribbon for the band. Hot glue a pom pom on the top for extra fun. 

Take your pom poms, party hats and paper banners and have a happy and safe New Year's celebration! 

Wishing you the most amazing year of your life (so far) in 2015! 


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