Pom Pom Wreath

Everyone needs some pom poms in their life, don't you think? My break-all-the-rules pastel Christmas wreath only set me back about $3 and it was really easy to make. 
To make the wreath form you'll need a cardboard box pulled from the recycling bin (Woo hoo! No foam forms required.). Use the rim of a big mixing bowl as a template to trace a circle on the cardboard and cut it out. 
 Then trace the bottom of the bowl to make a smaller circle right in the center of the cardboard. 
A craft knife is helpful for cutting out the center of your form. 
Now it's time for your trusty glue gun. Cover the form with pom poms until there's no cardboard visible. If you're going to hang it in the window or on a mirror, you might want to cover the back of the form too. 

Hot glue some twine or ribbon to the back and go find someplace to hang it. 
 Over here? 
 Over there? Oh the possibilities. 


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