Serving Tray Board Game

Are you ready to serve up some fun? 

I love a toy that has good form and function. This inexpensive Ikea tray had been sitting on a table looking ho-hum for too long. Instead of just painting or decoupaging it, I decided to turn it into a board game that the kids can have fun with. 

While our questions are geared towards learning, this could just as easily be a party game for adults. Just think up some incendiary questions and leave room on the tray for a pitcher of margaritas. 
The transformation from tray to board game is pretty simple. You'll just need a few things. 

Supply List
Serving tray
Mix of colorful papers
2-in. circle punch 
Decoupage glue
Brush or foam pouncer
Package of blank business cards
Permanent marker
Small toy animals (about $2 each at the craft store)

Step 1
Decoupage the tray with patterned or solid color paper. I find it easier to cut or rip the paper into smaller pieces before gluing. Apply glue underneath and on top of the paper. Smooth out wrinkles with fingers. Let dry. 
I love this paper, but it's a little bright and busy for this project. The animals agreed. 
I applied a watered down layer of white paint to tone it down. To make things easy, stick with light solids or very subtle tone-on-tone patterns for the first layer. 

Step 2
Punch out a bunch of circles in a variety of colors. Lay them out in a pattern to see what looks good. The circles should be laid out in a trail from a starting point to an end. Use a marker to draw a chute to connect paths if needed. 

Step 3
Now glue the circles in place. Let dry. 

Step 4
Make the playing cards. You can either handwrite or print questions on business cards. Or you can skip that step and just make up the questions as you're playing. 

Punch out some more circles. Make sure all the colors and patterns on the board are represented on the cards. Cut the circles in half and glue them to the cards. Let dry. 
Looking good!
Now play! After I played a round with the kids, they continued playing on their own Candy Land style. 
It kept them busy for a nice chunk of time. 
 As for the rules, ours are pretty simple.

Players choose an animal and place it on the first circle. Decide who goes first and pick a card from the top of the pile. The player (or mom) reads the question and if she answers correctly she moves to the color on the card. If she can't answer the question, she stays put and the next player takes a card. 

I wrote questions like What do you do before crossing the street? Did you make your bed this morning? What's a vegetable you ate yesterday? 

Those were to stump me. Then I came up with some other questions for the kids. 
When you're finished having fun, you can leave the tray out because it's so cute!


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