Easy Tassel Garland DIY

We're gearing up for a weekend birthday celebration for my daughter who's been talking about her Frozen-themed party since I took her to see the movie a year ago. How appropriate that there's a swirling storm outside as I write this. Unlike an icy snow queen, the cold does bother me though (I promise that's the last Let It Go reference.). I ran out to pick up my youngest daughter from school about an hour ago and my fingers are refusing to defrost. Hopefully, typing will get the blood pumping through my fingers again.
If you're thinking something looks strange with my fireplace, that's some not-so-great Photoshop tinkering I did with the picture. I'm playing around with some ideas for a decorative cover because we've never had a fire in there. We'll probably convert it to a gas fireplace someday, but until then I want to keep the ugly black hole in there covered up with something pretty. An antiqued mirror perhaps?

But let's talk tassel garlands today. Specifically, this no-hassle-tassel garland!

I had to make these for a magazine shoot a couple of months ago and got frustrated with the directions I found online. So I came up with a much easier method. This technique takes half the time and the fringe doesn't get all tangled as your roll. 

20x26-inch sheets of tissue paper (1 sheet makes 2 tassels). I went with shades of blue to fit the party theme.  

20x26-inch silver foil tissue.You can see below what the foil looks like in the package. I found it in the party supply section at Michaels. It comes in gold, too. 

String cut to the desired length of your garland and 5-inch pieces of string for each tassel. 

A cutting mat and craft knife.
1. First, cut a sheet of tissue paper in half. Take one of the half-sheets and fold in half, but don't cut. Place on a cutting mat. Using a craft knife, cut fringe across the paper starting the cuts about 1 inch from the fold line. The fringe should be about a half inch wide. 

Tip: To speed things up, stack folded sheets of tissue on top of each other and cut through several layers at a time. 
Now most directions will tell you to unfold the tissue and roll it up down the middle. But that is not as easy as it sounds. The fringe rips easily and while you're rolling, things start getting tangled. 

So try it this way:

2. Without unfolding the tissue, wrap the folded edge of the paper around your index finger. 
3. When it's completely wrapped, slide the tissue off your finger. Flatten the top and fold in half. 
4. Now give it a good shake. And call yourself the Chaz Dean of tassel garland, because you just gave your tassels amazing volume. 
5. Tie a piece of string around the top and knot. When all your tassels are made, tie each one onto the longer piece of string and hang. 
Your tassel garland will be ready in no time!

One decoration down and now I've got to work on recipes for Sleeping Trolls and Frost Bites (I'll share those with you on Monday). I think I might actually be more excited about this than the birthday girl. 

P.S. Click here to see more party details. 


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