Tissue Paper Heart Garland

 Here's a pretty easy Valentine's craft. It does involve a little sewing, but it's a good excuse to get out the ol' sewing machine. 
Supply List
Scrap paper
Heart punch (I used a 2-3/8-in.) or just draw a heart shape
Tissue paper (I used 4 sheets in various shades of pink)
Sewing machine and thread 

1. First cut a heart shape out of paper.

2. Place the paper heart on top of 8 layers of tissue paper. 
 3. Fold the paper and tissue in half and cut along the edges of the heart shape with scissors. You definitely want to use scissors instead of the craft punch. The punch is likely to get jammed and/or tear the tissue paper. 

 Now you have lots of tissue paper hearts. 8 to be exact. 
 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the desired about of hearts. 

5. Stack 8 tissue paper hearts on top of each other and sew down the center of all layers. Repeat with the next set to create a chain. 
6. Fold each layer of hearts towards the center to fluff them up and hang! 

If you need a little more Valentine's Day inspiration, check out this wreath I did last year. 

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