No Chalk Chalkboard Pumpkin

If you're longing for a chalkboard pumpkin, but don't feel like taking the time to spray paint one, well then I've got the project for you! Start with a black craft pumpkin and use white paint for the design instead. 

I've had this plain black pumpkin hanging around since last year. My daughter kept asking me to decorate it and today I made her wish come true. 

To make a no-chalk-chalkboard pumpkin (which is really just a painted pumpkin black craft pumpkin), start by choosing some good hand letter fonts and type out your message. I chose Return To Sender and Grutch Shade fonts (both free to download). Size the letters to fit your pumpkin. 
 Tape the printout to the pumpkin and trace over the letters with a pencil. Press down firmly. 
 The pencil will indent the pumpkin as you can see below. You'll want to make sure you have some good lighting and tilt the pumpkin just so in order to make out the letters. Keep the print out in front of you as you paint to help guide you along. 
Using a round or detail round brush, start painting along the indented lines using white acrylic paint. 
 Keep a damp cloth around to wipe up any mistakes, but promise me you won't try and be perfect. 

See, I'm not too stressed about perfection. 
 I'm almost finished here, but I'll go back and touch up some areas when the paint is dry. Be careful not to drag your hand through any wet paint, but if you do just wipe off the smudge before it dries. 
I think I need some more detail. How about some swirls and stars?

I've been face painting at my local farmer's market every Sunday this summer and fall, so I've got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to painting things like stars. 

Start with a dot. 
 Then flick your brush up. 
 Then another flick below that. 
 Keep on flicking your brush and ...

 you'll have a nice little star in no time. 
So I'm off to finish up my Murder On The Orient Express book club appetizers. See you next time!


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