Dried Orange Slices

Here are some things I love. 

Happy colors. Holidays. Easy crafts. 

These dried orange slice garland sure fit the bill. Just slice, bake and string. And you can make a nice long strand of garland for less than $3!
I cut my slices to about a 1/4" thickness, then placed them on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. 
After baking for about 3 hours at 220 fahrenheit, they were dry and translucent. I recommend checking on them at 2 and a half hours to make sure they don't overcook. 
Aren't they pretty? 
 I decided to get really festive and add some cranberries to the garland. I used a needle and some baker's twine to string the fruit. 
Now that's some merry and bright adornment for my kitchen window!
 It's kind of like jewelry for my kitchen, don't you think? And I love the way the light shines through the oranges. So lovely!
 This was a great way to spend time crafting with the kids while they're home from school. They helped me with the arrangement of oranges and cranberries (my youngest is really into creating patterns right now). 
Now I need to get started on some Thanksgiving food prep so I won't be stuck in the kitchen all day tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Vanessa Tsumura


Unknown said…
This is so pretty!
Anonymous said…
how long does this stay good for?
Stacey said…
This is so pretty! How long did it last with the cranberries? I’d love to do this on my kitchen window.

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