Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dollar Store Basket Upgrade

 The shelves are all painted and things are starting to look pretty organized down here in the studio. 

Here's a quick DIY I did with these dollar store baskets. I've had them for ages, although I'm pretty sure that Dollar Tree still has these in stock. They come in white and black, but I thought they'd look much cuter if they were spray painted in copper. 
 So here are my $1 wire baskets looking more like, I don't know, $8 wire baskets? 
Up top (Oops forgot to paint the top of that shelf.) I still have them filled with decorative things. Eventually I'll find some craft supplies that need a home. Doesn't it seem like the more storage space you give yourself, the more stuff you accumulate? 

Pardon the weird angle on the shelves. They're perfectly level, but my lens is making things look a little distorted. 
I'm thinking about covering the cubbies in the Ikea bookshelf, but I'm still in the thinking about it stage. 

My cat is impressing me by jumping from the floor to the window that's about 5 feet up. He does one bounce halfway up the wall and then he's up. Can you imagine if you could leap up a wall that's 5 times your height? If I got the math right, that's like jumping from the ground to the roof of a 2 story house! I'm going to go and see if I can capture a picture of him in action. Enjoy your afternoon!

Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY Fabric Covered Frame

This cute fabric-covered frame is so easy to make and I bet you crafty folks have everything you need to make it! 

Card stock
Frame template (see bottom of this post)
Glue gun
Craft knife
White cotton fabric 

Supplies for Printing on Fabric
Pink and white acrylic paint
Foam pouncer
Small heart craft punch
Scrap of card stock

1. Print the frame template and cut the shape out of thick cardboard. Use a craft knife to cut out the opening. 
2. Cut a piece of batting to cover the front of the frame. It should overlap by about 2 inches. 

3. Flip the frame over and pull the batting over the edges of the frame. Hot glue in place. Cut out the center of the batting and pull over the frame opening. Hot glue in place. Trim any excess batting. 
 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 using decorative fabric. Cut slits in the fabric at the frame's opening corners in order to cover the edges neatly. Make sure you pull the fabric nice and tight over the frame's edges. 

 5. Cut a piece of card stock that is the same size as the frame. Hot glue it to the back of the frame along 3 sides, leaving the top edge open. 
 6. Cut a 1-1/2-inch x 7-inch rectangle out of cardboard. Bend it about 2-1/2 inches from the top and glue top to back center of frame. 
Slide in your picture and that's it! 
To stencil the fabric:

Cut a strip out of card stock that is about a half inch wider than your craft punch shape. Cut several heart shapes that are evenly spaced across the strip and trim the short edges. TIP: Cut about 3 strips of card stock and punch through all layers. That way you'll have a couple of fresh stencils to use as you work. 

Use a foam pouncer dabbed in acrylic paint to stencil across your piece of fabric and let dry. 
Frame template below. Print at desired size. 

This is a fun little project that should brighten up your Monday! I plan on keeping mine up way past Valentine's Day. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pegboard Craft Organizer With Washi Tape Boarder

It's starting to all come together in the basement craft room! Especially now that I have my tools and materials (or at least some of them) nice and organized on my pegboard. 

This is a really quick and cheap way to organize craft and art supplies. I did this a couple of days ago and I think it took me about 30 minutes to get it up on the wall with everything in place. 

I picked up a 2x4-ft. piece of pegboard at Home Depot for less than $8 and attached it to the wall using the hardware that came with a peg hook assortment kit. I made sure that the screws went into the wall studs. Had I had an extra set of hands, it would have been up in half the time. It is a little tricky trying to get the spacers in place while holding up the board with only 2 hands...but not impossible.
 The pegs are sold way on the other side of the store near the garden center. The sales clerk I asked was confused about where they were and it took a little searching to find them. You can also find sets of wire baskets that are great for holding all sorts of stuff like paints, different mediums, glue sticks and inks. 
 Other supplies that found a home here were ribbons, embroidery hoops, a glue gun, scissors, paint brushes, a paint palette and a rotary cutter.
 Then, because I thought the plain white pegboard could use a little something something, I "framed" it with extra wide washi tape. I just stuck the tape to the wall. It peels right off if you get sick of it. 
So if you are like me always searching for your glue gun, scissors, Mod Podge or whatever, you might just need a little pegboard in your life. 

Enjoy your weekend!
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