Kitty News

 Just in case anyone out there is curious about which cat scratcher we went with (I know the suspense must have been killing you) or maybe you just want to see how our cute kitten is growing up...
 First, my husband bought this one, but we had no luck with it. Basil wasn't very interested in it. The thing was a little flimsy and fell over with the slightest swat of the paw.
 So then we got this scratcher/lounger (mentioned here) you see above and he loves it!
It's made of cardboard, so it gets a little messy when Basil digs his claws in. I don't mind at all, because since we got this thing he's become much less interested in clawing the shades and furniture.
That's all the cat news for now.   

Happy Friday! Hope you have fun weekend plans. We'll most likely be scraping wallpaper off our bedroom walls for a good portion of it.


Jay Wen said…
It doubles as a scratcher and a bed :P What a handsome boy.
Vanessa said…
yes, we're very proud of our photogenic cat!

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