Bathroom Renovation

Several people have been asking me about the tiles in this post. Everything came from The Tile Shop. Unfortunately, it seems they don't carry those cool penny rounds anymore. It looks like Home Depot may have a close match. Try searching for their Merola Penny Round tiles which come in a pretty wide variety and some of them have that cool metallic-like border on them. 

And to see how our bathroom turned out (did we go with the penny rounds???), click here for some pictures! 
It's finally time to start thinking about a bathroom renovation! This is the most exciting time ... going through magazines, book and blogs and then picking out colors, materials, and fixtures.

My original plan was to do white hexagon tiles with black accents on the floor and a mix of white subway tile and beaded board on the walls, but Mr. T thought it was too similar to the old bathroom which is covered in square white tiles.
So I came up with another plan using the same hexagon shapes and subway pattern, but in marble. Tumbled marble on the floor and a ceramic faux marble tile on the walls. I was worried all marble would be too high maintenance, even though the folks at the tile store say marble is no problem in the bathroom. They say it only has to be sealed once every 15 years. You do have to use a special cleaner though. Apparently, the tumbled marble is less likely to scratch than polished tiles.

Of course, the marble is more expensive than ceramic, so another reason I'd like to not go floor to ceiling with the stuff.
I took home a sheet of penny rounds in this grey/blue color too. The mini hexagon tiles in the same color are what I really want, but they're on backorder for 3 months and there were no samples for me to take home and stare at. 
So now I have one all ceramic option to think about. Ceramic mini hexagon tiles (similar to those penny rounds) and the faux marble tiles on the wall. 
I'm not totally convinced that this faux marble stuff is the right choice, but it seems like the best choice if I can't have my white subway tiles. 
OR ... I also found this green tumbled marble which is very interesting. I thought some very, very light green paint could would look good with it. I could pair it with the little ceramic hexagon floor tiles to keep the price down and avoid an all marble bathroom. 
One more look at tumbled green marble with penny rounds and a swatch of "sea anemone" paint by Martha Stewart.

Some other things on my reno wish list are...

A handshower fixture, a sink like the one pictured (or maybe a pedestal sink), a new toilet, beaded board like this, maybe some pale green paint. Tile is from The Tile Shop.
Here's a little peek at what our bathroom looks like now ...
Several of those tiles are cracked, the sink leaks all over the floor and the tub has some issues. It's not the worst bathroom in history, but it'll feel so nice stepping into a bathroom that feels more like us. I think I'll keep the light fixtures though. They're kind of cool. 

All photos my own except for second to last image. Those photos are credited with links in the text. 


Haus and Home said…
So exciting! Can't wait to see what you decide on!
Anonymous said…
My own experience with marble in the bathroom has been awful == it is so porous, even when sealed. Never again will I put it anywhere where it will be in contact with water. Maybe it was just the particular type of marble countertop we have, but just wanted to warn you.
Vanessa said…
Thanks for the info. The only two things I like are white tile or marble, so we're having a bit of a dilemma.
I really do like the hexagon shaped tiles! i'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :)
Albert Miller said…
What a great idea for bathroom renovation.This bathroom design is really very pretty.I like it.Thanks for sharing this post.

Unknown said…
Great job!! I really appreciate your work because you did this work own.Your project inspire me to do remodeling of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

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Vanessa said…
I can't say that we've prepared any meals in our bathroom, Fritz.
Colorbuilding said…
I like the hexagon shaped tiles. We are waiting for your update.
Vanessa said…
Thanks. Here's my post with pictures of the completed bathroom.
Anonymous said…
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