Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

I'm in the mood for some reminiscing, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts ...

#1 Light shade turned air plant terrarium. Find a home for your air plant at the hardware store (or on your ceiling). Every time I walk into this local gardening shop, I have to buy another air plant, but I didn't want to break the bank with those pretty little terrariums they display right next to the plants. My $5 light shade does the trick pretty darn well. 
#2 Making top down bottom up Roman shades.  I was very intimidated by this project at first, but once I got started it was... not exactly a breeze, but completely worth the effort. I've since made 8 more Roman shades. I'll be making three more for the kitchen next month. 
#3 Washi tape coasters.  My favorite way to use washi tape. I covered some 16 cent tiles with washi tape and sealed it. They'll be around for years!
#4 Fabric Shopping in Japan.  Have an afternoon to spare in Tokyo? Textile Town is the place to be if you love fabric. 
#5 Painting the stairs with a homemade stencil.  Two sample pots of paint and a plastic report cover and voilà! These are the stairs to our basement where I decided to go wild with color. The hardest part wasn't the stenciling, but ripping off the old carpet, padding and linoleum. 

So there you have Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. And you know you can't have a Vol. 1 without a Vol. 2, right? Until then!


Anonymous said…
My air plant is still living after two years of neglect on the shelf!
Vanessa said…
Great! They're pretty tough.

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